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                     Has the angel Max bungled his heavenly mission?


Emmy Award winner Peter Falk reprises his role as Max the angel in this heartwarming holiday drama about two very different families who need his help at Christmas.

Max's job is at stake when his heavenly supervisor, Jo (Katey Sagal), comes to earth to discipline him for contacting the wrong family in need. Max first appears to Sally Reid (Tammy Blanchard), a hardworking young woman whose goal is to get a promotion and a raise so that she can get her younger brother out of foster care. Jo informs Max that he made a mistake on the address and should have contacted Karl Hoffman (Seann Gallager), a young man who is about to automate his family's Christmas ornament factory and eliminate its artisan personnel.

As the story unfolds, it appears that Jo may have made the real mistake and that the families may be connected in many surprising ways. She also discovers that she needs Max's help to reunite one family and bring the other closer together in this story of tradition, friendship and love.

The two previous holiday movies featuring Max were "A Town Without Christmas" and "Finding John Christmas."

Directed by Andy Wolk

Writing credits (WGA) - Michael J. Murray (written by)
Genre: Fantasy / Family / Drama

          Credited cast (alphabetical order):         

Tammy Blanchard
Alexander Conti
Peter Falk
Seann Gallagher
Karl Hoffman
Mark Antony Krupa
Katey Sagal

Runtime: USA:120 min / USA:120 min (including commercials)
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Certification: USA:TV-PG