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April's Birthday circa 1990
(All can be removed except April & Peter)

Ron Hernandez, Lisa Tygett, Marge, Lynn, Steve Brown, ?Carradine, Heidi Rosenbloom, ?, Stephanie, Fran,
April & Peter

Lisa, April & Fran - Crying because Patrick decided not to come onboard fulltime (we made a card of the crying photos & sent to him) [if Peter wants to use any of these or portion(s) thereof, pix can be cut & made clearer]

These photos can be greatly enhanced, this is just a quick scan from the album
Patrick - Peter - Susie Cook, Michael Long, Lisa Tygett - Karen Salko

The Columbo Gang

Lisa, Susie, Pete Ware, Joan Bennett, Francesca, Charlie - Lisa & Richard

Columbo Girls

Nancy Kerosic, Susie Cook, Lisa Tygett - Lynn Corbett, Lisa, April, Stephanie, Francesca

Chris Seiter, Lisa, ?

Bill Woodfield

Actor What's-his-name

Francesca in another lifetime (pre-Columbian)


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